Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wowie!!! it's really real......

Hello lovelies!
how are you all?

Where is this year whizzing to?
I can't believe it is May already....
the exciting news to tell you all

my NEW digital magazine is now live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still can't really believe it!
After working my little socks off for many bleary hours it has finally all come together into something really lovely.....

You can now check out all the gorgeous details on my new website....

So what is it all about?

Well I wanted my magazine to it to be a collaboration of all the things I love in life
and know so many of you lovelies do to....
but also something a little different to what's already out there on offer...
I feel there is lots of room for alsorts of creativity in lots of different ways
and hopefully I have captured a little corner of something a little special
in my own Tilly Rose style...

Tilly's Vintage & Handmade Magazine captures a love of...

*Celebrating the simple things in life...*
*Cherishing memories*
*Make Do & Mend*
*Love of a bygone era...*
*The joy of sharing ideas with others*
*Gorgeous Inspiration*

I have handpicked lovely peeps from all walks of life who have the same love of all things vintage & handmade and between us we have created the most beautiful magazine
full of gorgeous loveliness for everyone!
(I know I'm a little biased....but I KNOW you will simply love it to!)

We also have video tutorials to help inspire you...

Ideas on where to source those vintage treasures....

projects to get you started....

and so much more!

Tilly's is available at the fabulous price of only £3.95  for 100 pages packed full to the brim of information, reviews, tutorials and interesting artciles to read...
or of course if you prefer you can order a yearly subscription for just £21.00.

At the moment I am offering an introductory offer of 
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for all yearly subscriptions 
so you can either share the cost with a friend or give away a small gift to someone special...

Simply click here to  SUBSCRIBE

So far I have subscribers wanting a little piece of Tilly Rose loveliness from
far and wide as USA, Australia, France and of course good old Blighty....which is great!
It is so simple to do as well....
  • Click on Subscribe
  • Pay for your subscription via Paypal
  • Wait for your Thank you email to arrive in your inbox
  • Find a comfy sofa to relax with a cuppa and spend some time having fun reading!

If you still need a little more persuading before you decide to buy
why not check this lovely video I made showing you a little more information....


Hope you enjoy!

I look forward to hearing from you all soon....

x x x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

LAUNCH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Where has she been?

Oh where has she been?

Miss Tilly Rose has been such a busy busy bee of late...
I am so sorry to have neglected you all!
there really is a very good reason for it....

You see these past few weeks I have been glued to my 
laptop arranging fonts, photos, writing articles, sorting
out layouts, checking videos, setting up IT bits & bobs....and more.....

But WHY I hear you all ask?

Well I have been working on my own digital magazine
with the help of some lovely peeps...

Yesterday was our LAUNCH day!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy I am soooo very excited and yet so very nervous.
After months of hours upon hours of late nights, bleary eyed mornings, skype calls
and editing finally I was able to present to you
my little baby...

What if no one thought it was a good idea or worse didn't even like it?

So what IS sospecial about it?
Well I know I may be a little biased here, but I really wanted to share my love of vintage & handmade with others, offer loads of gorgeous inspiration from various places, lovely peeps and ideas from other small businesses who are passionate about their designs or items.

I am also offering video Craft Tutorials using authentic patterns or original designs
as well as having guest writers in each article offering their take on all things vintage or handmade.

So who is this digital magazine for?
Well, put simply, it is aimed at lovely peeps just like you....

If you have a love of vintage, maybe you like collecting memorabilia, need advice of how and where to source items or simply enjoy reading about others and their interests...


If you enjoy creating your own beautiful handmade makes for your home, gifts for your friends,
want to re-style a garment or just need a little inspiration to get you started then look no further....

Tilly's Vintage & Handmade magazine is THE place to be!

Delivered to your inbox every two months, Tilly's is a friendly magazine
that will make you smile and hopefully inspire you to get creating, start collecting or investigate
a few vintage resources offering unique items and gorgeous memorabilia.

I will be promoting small independent businesses who have a passion
for preserving the old ways, giving you ideas of how to upcycle memorabila, highlighting wonderful places you can visit as well as sharing loads of crafty loveliness with readers

So if you think this sounds like your cup of tea
why not check out our website.... 

You will find all the details you need to subscribe HERE

Finally here's a little snippet of a what's on offer in our FIRST issue....

Hope you enjoy!

x x x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Coming along nicely...

Hello lovelies...
How are you all?

Gosh it seems ages since I wrote my last post and yet I seem to have my head 
continually glued to the inside of a laptop these days!

I'm not grumbling at all!
My dream of writing my own magazine is coming along just tickety boo
and I am SOOOOO excited!

It's been such a huge learning curve to get to grips with many new sites and technology.
I thought I was quite forward thinking, a modern girl having a grip on 
what to do on Facebook,Twitter and other social media sites....
But these past few months has introduced me to
Picmonkey, Vimeo, Moviemaker, Crocodoc and Corel to name but a few!

Oh boy.....yes indeedy a huge learning curve!
But the results of my many hours of clicking on the help button and scrolling through oodles of techno jargon are beginning to show....

My magazine is coming along quite nicely....

I now have a new Facebook page...

I do hope if you have five mins that you will pop by and say hello

I've been amazed at the response already!
People from all over the world have been in contact wanting to know how to subscribe
How lovely is that?
I will be posting details soon...

I'm busy working on some lovely craft tutorials at the minute which is keeping me busy.
I'm going to be offering something a little different by using 
authentic vintage patterns from various eras and giving them a modern twist.

I also have a lovely team of writers from all walks of life....bloggers, small business owners, crafters and vintage lovers who have a passion for handmade & vintage
and will be sharing their thoughts, tips and secrets with everyone
All in all it should be a fabulous celebration!

I will share more details with you all as soon as I have them sorted
but in the meantime.....
I'm off for a well earned cuppa folks!

Toodlepip my lovelies!

x x x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

New beginnings.....

Hello lovelies!!!

The first day of Spring has finally arrived.....
and it makes me feel such a happy bunny

A turn towards lighter nights, sunnier days and loads of spring flowers
showering our gardens!

Oh yes indeedy, Spring has patiently waited in the wings for sometime now 
watching Winter have her day and now it's sadly time to wave her goodbye until her next visit.

So folks, get out that springtime bunting and celebrate....

It is certainly a time for New Beginnings which is the theme of my first edition of

Vintage & Handmade

So watch this space folks for more details.....

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies!

x x x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Live, Laugh, Love...

Hello lovelies....
Just a quick hello to you all today.

With winter in full swing I always find February is so dull  for me
with the grey, cold and damp days.

So in case you are feeling the same as me 
I have sent you a little inspiration to remind you of happier days ahead.....

x x x

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