Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Coming along nicely...

Hello lovelies...
How are you all?

Gosh it seems ages since I wrote my last post and yet I seem to have my head 
continually glued to the inside of a laptop these days!

I'm not grumbling at all!
My dream of writing my own magazine is coming along just tickety boo
and I am SOOOOO excited!

It's been such a huge learning curve to get to grips with
....so many new sites and technology.
I thought I was quite forward thinking, a modern girl having a grip on 
what to do on Facebook,Twitter and other social media sites....
But these past few months has introduced me to
Picmonkey, Vimeo, Moviemaker, Crocodoc and Corel to name but a few!

Oh boy.....yes indeedy a huge learning curve!
But the results of my many hours of clicking on the help button and scrolling through oodles of techno jargon are beginning to show....

My magazine is coming along quite nicely....

I now have a new Facebook page...

I do hope if you have five mins that you will pop by and say hello

I've been amazed at the response already!
People from all over the world have been in contact wanting to know how to subscribe
How lovely is that?
I will be posting details soon...

I'm busy working on some lovely craft tutorials at the minute which is keeping me busy.
I'm going to be offering something a little different by using 
authentic vintage patterns from various eras and giving them a modern twist.

I also have a lovely team of writers from all walks of life....bloggers, small business owners, crafters and vintage lovers who have a passion for handmade & vintage
and will be sharing their thoughts, tips and secrets with everyone
All in all it should be a fabulous celebration!

I will share more details with you all as soon as I have them sorted
but in the meantime.....
I'm off for a well earned cuppa folks!

Toodlepip my lovelies!

x x x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

New beginnings.....

Hello lovelies!!!

The first day of Spring has finally arrived.....
and it makes me feel such a happy bunny

A turn towards lighter nights, sunnier days and loads of spring flowers
showering our gardens!

Oh yes indeedy, Spring has patiently waited in the wings for sometime now 
watching Winter have her day and now it's sadly time to wave her goodbye until her next visit.

So folks, get out that springtime bunting and celebrate....

It is certainly a time for New Beginnings which is the theme of my first edition of

Vintage & Handmade

So watch this space folks for more details.....

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies!

x x x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Live, Laugh, Love...

Hello lovelies....
Just a quick hello to you all today.

With winter in full swing I always find February is so dull  for me
with the grey, cold and damp days.

So in case you are feeling the same as me 
I have sent you a little inspiration to remind you of happier days ahead.....

x x x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Mother Nature's Snippets....

Hello lovelies...

I managed it!
Managed what I hear you all ask????

Well, I managed to actually get out for a lovely long walk
with my lovely hubby, in  between the rain, AND
......with a little sunshine!!!!


Oh boy does it lift your spirits so...
I'm a Fen girl who needs the outdoors.
I need to feel the fresh air sweep across my face, breathe  in the
pure taste of Mother Nature and see the glorious blue skies.

On Sunday we enjoyed such a glorious stroll listening to the birds
greet us with their morning songs, watching the gentle ripples
roll out across the flooded waters and sloshing through the
muddy grassland.

I loved the way the sunlight glistened across the lakes
even though the water was so muddy from all the rainfall of late.
I imagined gliding across them as though I was skating on ice.....
so serene and graceful..twirling a little here and now....
I used to always dream as a girl I would be the ice skater who won the gold medal
collecting the red roses at the end......ahhhh such happy dreams!

There were some gorgeous snippets of beautiful wildlife and natural beauty
all around us that if you walked by too quick you missed them.
Don't you love the way Mother Nature is quite crafty in that way?
She teases us now and then...making us stop and really take our time

Look at these little catkins...aren't they so sweet?

all dancing about in the harsh winter breeze....
If you look closely at each one, there is so much detail in their design.
Even the contrast in their colour seemed to shine more in the morning sun.
All around the lakes sit a host of gnarled craggy trunks.
I absolutely adore the way this one seems so strong and bold and yet so bendy!

Look at this gorgeous colour scheme on this bark....very Parisian don't you think?
I love the olivey tones mixed with the elephant greys

I've decided this year (sometime..... though goodness knows when!) that I want to create a gorgeous collage of colour to represent the beautiful treasures Mother Nature cradles for us.
I'd love to design an abstract piece of textile art that encompasses all my walks.....
woods, trees, textures, colours and much more.
I'm even thinking of a Nature Book......not a scrapbook filled full of leaves as I used to when I was a child but a fabric book full of machine and hand embroidered pieces to record my beautiful memories
something like an altered scrapbook but instead of using paper I would use fabrics, yarns and other embellishments

I take so many photos that my poor laptop must be buckling under the weight of so many but
it would be lovely to put them to good use.

I sometimes look at all the gorgeous photos on the net these days especially the 'photoshopped' images that have a beautiful vintage feel to them but as lovely as they are, they all seem a little too staged at times for me.
When I go for a walk I like to catch the quick glimpses of beauty I see with my trusty friend my Samsung camera how ever flimsy they may seem....

My little walk has set me up for a lovely week....
I hope you all have a lovely one ahead too!

Thanks for dropping in today and saying hi
Speak again soon

Toodle pip!

x x x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Psst.....Have you heard?

Hello lovelies!
How are you all this week?

Gosh what a week...rain, rain. rain, floods, broken fences, up ended trees and foggy mist....
It still isn't happy smiley news is it?

I really wanted to get out into my garden this week and have a little wander around for a few moments to look for those first signs of Spring as I'm beginning to feel a little housebound due to the long days of wintery months. 
I know I have some dainty snowdrops just waiting to say hello to me but I can't seem to see them amongst the puddles and sloshy grass when I look out of my windows.
So instead of venturing out into the squidgy greenery, I've spent a long time sitting and writing for my new magazine longingly looking out of the window and hoping I see their little bonnets dangling amongst the grey slush soon... .

 I love writing as many of you know.
  I simply lose time when I sit and scribe...well I say scribe that's quite a romantic view really......

In reality of course, I scribble scrawly notes and then transfer them to my laptop!
So in between my day dreamy moments of snowdrop watching I have to make myself concentrate of the task in hand! 
I am struggling a little as I much prefer to hand write my articles....a little old fashioned I know.
I know in the publishing and media world it isn't the 'done thing' but I feel more of a connection when I write with a pen rather than the tap, tap,tapping away on the black keyboard. 
It may sound odd but when I write, it reminds me of my letter writing penfriend days when I was young. 
Do you remember those days of writing a real letter and having the thrill of taking it to the Post Office to get your stamp and then actually posting it?
I loved writing my long letters to my friends in France, Ireland and Canada even though I didn't really know where those countries were in the world really.
I couldn't wait for my friends to return their news, drawings, photos etc

With writing so many snippets, articles and plans for the magazine I have seem to have notes and notebooks all over the place now!
My lovely hubby even commented this week that our home is beginning to look like an author's house with so much paper all over the place! Ooops!
I have to say though I am really loving it!

Although I'm really nervous in case no-one else will think my magazine will be a good idea (Psst...have you heard there is a new online magazine coming out soon?) even though I've had a fantastic response, I'm really excited...
My own online magazine...wowie that sounds good!
I keep pinching myself to remind me my dream of writing is finally coming true!!!!

I now have a lovely team of ladies all wanting to help write articles, tutorials and much more
Tilly's - Vintage & Handmade magazine is now well and truly on it's way to being ready.
I just need some lovely subscribers!

Please do tell all your friends....

I am going to be working on a promotion video this week to show you all...eeek!
No pressure!

In the meantime I'm just off for a little crafting time just to keep the balance...
My little sewing machine is really missing me so I need to spend some time with an old friend
so she isn't forgotten.

Have a lovely weekend folks and have fun whatever you may be doing!

Toodle pip for now.....

x x x

P.S If you would like more details about advertising in the magazine please feel free to email me for our Introductory Rates.
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