Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rainy Loveliness...

Well my lovelies....what a rainy day!
What was a girl to do on such a miserable day???
Housework you all shout?
Tidy away some of the Christmas mess maybe?
Mmmm....well maybe if I was that well disciplined but alas no!
Tilly Rose is a little lacksadaisy when she isn't working...
I did try to do a little spring cleaning...
well I say spring cleaning in the loosest of terms!
I gave my blog a little spring clean and tidied it up a little.
I do have alot more to do but I'm feeling a little more in control
of the pickle my little blog was in!
The trouble with me is that I like too many blogs (340 to be exact!)
so I have had to be very harsh on myself and trim my list accordingly.
I do feel very refreshed for doing so though.
It's been fab to just 'be' and sit and relax doing something so simple!
I have given myself some time off over the holidays with my family
which I am so looking forward to.
We have many friends and family who will be popping by
the Tilly Rose home for some serious partying time...
.....which I adore!
I love experimenting with my cookbooks and
baking tasty nibbles, playing games, enjoying the smiles and
listening to tales of fun from everyone.
Family time is so precious for everyone these days...
...and having time off means we will have lots of time to visit them also...
Hope you are all enjoying your time off to!
x x x


  1. Its still miserable this morning. Spring cleaning is on my agenda too!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I'm feeling the urge to start packing away the Christmas things (but have been met with horror from everyone else). Typical me - can't wait to put them all up, now can't wait to take them down. I'm going to start on the bedrooms and hope that nobody notices! XX

  3. I'm also itching to pack Christmas away ... When it's gone, it's gone! I know thus horrifies lots of people, but I can't wait. Will definitely do it on Tuesday if I've held out until then. Rainy and miserable here too .. Just the day for a spring clean!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you lots of good wishes for 2013. I too tried to tidy up my wee blog before Christmas.

    All things nice...

  5. Happy New Year my dear. We are off to France for New Year as my little one is working out there for a few months so will speak when I get back.xx

  6. Hi Tilly,Just found You! Your blog is so very pretty. Wishing you a happy new year.looking forward to reading lots more :o)
    love juliexxx


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